Hi there!
I am Chantal (Shaun-tal), a Colombian-American product designer based in Charlotte, North Carolina. I love growing and learning as a human being and a professional, and I always aim to be the best version of myself.

A mantra that I’ve carried with me from my days in the outdoors is to leave everything better than you found it.  

My Story

I aim to leave everything better than I found it.

My path to UX design has been anything but linear. I am an outdoor educator turned graphic designer turned UX designer. I have always found design to be a constant in my life from my early days of sketching Disney characters to avoid science lessons to illustrating my inspirations from the outdoors.

I love collaborating with others to create user-centered designs that make the world a better place for everyone.

Outside of work

I love travel, adventure, art, food, dance and family. These are some of the things that bring me joy and make life that much sweeter.

As a kid, my family made it a point to travel even if it was just to another state nearby to discover and explore new places. This became a common thread in my life that uncovered my curiosity to learn, explore and grow. Learn, from other cultures and people, explore, the beauty the world offers and grow, to be a better version of myself and make the world better starting from within.

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